Vnow 2

VNOW is the fast growing Smart Wearable Devices brand with Global Presence.

VNOW Mission is to be Top Wearable Global Brand by 2020. We work toward becoming the most lovable & effective brand.

VNOW believe in bringing safer, smarter & productive world to the people. VNOW brings devices that works for all. Devices which are OS Independent, Devices which can perfectly synchronize with other smart devices. Devices which can enhance the productivity. VNOW have Affordable to High end Innovative Products.

VNOW is working towards combining Power of Technology & Power of Human Mind/ Energy together to give new face to Telecommunication Industry.

We deal in VNOW Wearable brand & turnkey Smart Projects of Corporate, Government & Institutes.

We think about future not just 5 years but 5 -20 years from now. We are building ourselves as a technology & human brand that can solve worlds biggest issues from chronic diseases, Epidemic, Crime, Health, Education, Productivity & Emotion handling with help of Wearable Technology. We are working towards enhancing mind power & activating human energy to build a very real yet highly efficient, safe, healthy & productive world.

We are passionate about Device, Data & Lifestyle revolution. We are passionate about Human Evolution & is working towards building great future for all. We pledge to dedicate our heart for people & planet.

VNOW believes in LIVING MOST CHERISHED DREAMS. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, VNOW will bring you the smart way to reach your goal & to have your happy world.

VNOW is very dedicated for its quality, creativity & class. We bring you devices which you love to flaunt. Stunning & High Quality Devices.

VNOW also provide services to support you to make your life smarter & productive. We believe in bridging the gap of generations & also of technology, hence we bring you service that help you to make the most out of any device you carry. We make you really cool, stylish & smarter.

We warmly Welcome You To The World Of VNOW!
Let’s Chase the Dream & Let’s Change the World!

To be the Most Respectable & Lovable Brand in the Heart of every person exist on this planet.

Vnow logo Victory NowVNOW logo is a symbol of Victory Now.

V here symbolize Victory; A Victorious person standing with both arms up.

Eye in an O represent the commitment to be honest & also represent presence of God.

Yellow is the colour of Creativity, Optimism, Clarity, Warmth, Freedom & Friendship.

Black is the colour of Power, Sophistication, Credibility & Professionalism.

VNOW in total stand for Victory NOW & We NOW.