B2B Partnership

B2B Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in VNOW!

Let’s partner together to change the world. We are high quality smart devices brand works. We love to be partner with you to grow together.

Our B2B Partnership Includes:

1. B2B CHANNEL PARTNER: DISTRIBUTORS, RETAILORS, HYPERMARKETS, ECOMMERCE PARTNERS (B2B & B2C). We look for Channel Partners Globally to enhance our sales. If you are interested in High Quality Smart Wearables, Smart Lifestyle Products, we love to work with you.

2. HEALTH & FITNESS INDUSTRY: Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies, Fitness Chains, Spa, etc partner with VNOW to redefine Complete Fitness.

3. B2B SALES: If you are interested in combining VNow devices to with your offering, purchasing our products in bulk for making combo offers.

4. B2B GIFTING: If you are interested in gifting our devices to your partners, vendors, premium customers, employees, etc.

5. SDK: If you have an app and want to integrate directly with VNow Devices.

Benefits in working with us:
1. High quality products that you love to share, sale & flaunt
2. 1 year 100% replacement warranty
3. High end support to all partners
4. You grow We grow policy.